Hardwood flooring

Types of flooring

There are different types of flooring, and their functionality depends on the materials used.

Tile flooring

Installation of tiles requires special skills and tools. They are durable and versatile that it has. Tiles come in different varieties and styles. One should add fresh, and an improvement of the house look. Tiles have got a disadvantage they can’t store heat thus floors are cold during winter.

It is beautiful and is cheap to be installed flooring. It doesn’t support rusting. It gives a house a new and modern look. Wood flooring provides a cozy feeling and warmth in apartments. Hardwood flooring is expensive, and it can be refinished at different times to allow it to look good.

Vinyl flooring

They are easily installed and are colorful. Vinyl with good quality and is durable and scratch-resistant. Thus one should go for the one with good quality.

Marble flooring

This kind of flooring is expensive compared to other flooring and thus adds a good incomparable installation. It is extracted naturally from quarries which are translucent and make the house look unique. It’s prone to scratches and many other damages; thus, one should add slabs to ensure that the floor is flexible to be replaced.

Laminate flooring

It’s a cool option for people to be willing to use money which should be used to install. It is a dynamic type of flooring that is quickly installed, and it’s durable, thus increases the value of the apartment.

Carpet flooring

It’s fit for bedrooms and is adding value to the house. It makes the apartment look beautiful and comfortable. Carpet flooring design is cheaper compared to wood, and it traps dust which is mostly can cause health problems like allergies. This type of flooring is losing popularity day in day out.